Here at Iaomai Massage, I offer a unique style of massage that integrates both Eastern and ​Western massage modalities. Each massage is individually tailored to your body's needs on any given day and is focused on restoring blood flow and circulation to areas of damaged tissue. My approach to massage is clinical in the sense that my strokes are influenced by my knowledge of the anatomical body, muscle fiber direction, and kinesthetic movement, but it is also creative as I weave my strokes into a flow and follow my intuition on which areas to address during the session. 

 Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your appointment. Appointments include a brief 5-10 minute verbal intake at the beginning of each session followed by a treatment addressing major areas of muscle tension in the body. Out of respect for both of our time, I strive to keep the proper start/stop time of appointments. 


Cancellation Policy There will be a fee for 50% of the session price issued if the client cancels in less than 24 hours of their appointment. This cancellation policy is in place to allow me to fill your spot with another client with enough time for both parties to plan. Exceptions will be made for emergency situations at my discretion.

30 Minute Massage...$30

60 Minute Massage...$60

90 Minute Massage...$90


I offer 30 minute, 60 minute and 90 minute therapeutic or relaxation massages. I will treat the body using deep tissue techniques unless another form of massage is requested.


Cupping is extremely effective in bringing circulation to damaged tissues because the cups suction the skin and create space for blood to flow between the layers of fascia and muscle. For an extra 5$, you can add cupping to your massage.

Hot Stone/Hydrotherapy

Hot stone and hydrotherapy effectively relax muscles through sustained heat applied on a specific area of tension. These modalities can be used as an alternative to deep work, or can be used to prep muscles for deep work. You can add hot stone or hydrotherapy to your massage for an extra 5$.